While other dog yard maintenance companies are concerned only with the bottom line, we believe in hard work. That's why we guarantee our work. You may not be aware of the several health and environmental hazards for your dog and your family, when dog waste is being left on the ground Roundworms, E. Coli and Giardia are just a few of the many harmful microorganisms that can be transmitted from pet waste to humans, children are most affected by these pathogen's.

Allow us to remove your pet waste from the ground on a routine basis with our affordable pet waste removal service.  We disinfect ALL our equipment and boots, with bleach and a slight mixture of Pine-Sol between yards to prevent spreading parasites, viruses, and bacteria, because we care about you and your family pet, we make sure our clients are happy and proud to have Lu.Van. Bert's Pet Waste Removal on board.

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